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Dentures may be artificial teeth, but there is nothing artificial about how we make them at NOVA Prosthodontics. It’s more than taking an impression. It’s about making one.

Dentures are custom-designed prosthetic devices that should take your every need into account. To do this, we take every step possible to account for your unique teeth, profile, movements, and bite patterns. We also take your goals into consideration. Whether you want to craft a bright new smile or dentures that look as authentic as you are. Or, in most cases, a bit of both.

Dr. Wilson, Dr. Mahler and Dr. Eskow believe in the lost art of denture design and fabrication, and they take the time to create prosthetic teeth that are customized to you. As recognized experts in denture aesthetics and function, we use our advanced skills, education, and experience to bring you the best possible outcome. Denture success is a team effort involving the prosthodontists, the dental laboratory technician (who is works on-site) and most importantly you, the patient. Living with removable dentures is a learned skill and we will do every thing we can to help you be successful with you new dentures.

NOVA Prosthodontics has an in-house lab for denture fabrication and repairs, which drastically minimizes the expense and wait time typically found with third-party labs. Where some offices can repair dentures in a few days or even weeks, we can make repairs within hours. We also have been known, when necessary, to fabricate a full set of dentures in only a few days. Life happens, and when it does, we will be here to help get you through those troubling times as quickly as possible with the best possible outcome.

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